Residential Burglaries and Robberies

Goal: Continued reductions in residential burglary and robbery year over year.

  • What is this?

    Residential burglaries and robberies are crimes in which someone enters a home without authorization, with the intent to commit a theft or assault. In the case of robbery, the crime involves violence or threat of violence to a person with the intent to take property from them. Residential robberies are also known as "home invasion robberies."

  • Why does it matter?

    Residential burglaries and robberies undermine our peace and security.

  • Who is responsible?

    Memphis Police Department (MPD)

  • How do we measure performance?

    We track both the number of incidents and how often each type of crime occurs for every 100,000 in city population. Rate per 100,000 is known as the crime rate.

What is the state of residential burglaries and robberies in Memphis?

Residential burglaries in Memphis are down 19% from 2006 levels, and home invasion robberies are down by 27%. This trend is consistent with the overall reduction of property crime that Memphis has experienced since 2006.

How is the city working to reduce residential burglaries and robberies?

The Memphis Police Department uses a variety of best-practice policing tools to fight crime, including a proactive, predictive policing initiative called Operation Blue CRUSH. With Blue CRUSH, the MPD uses data about past crimes to identify potential and emerging "hot spots" so that it can deploy officers more effectively in the field and respond more quickly to upticks in incidents. Our Real Time Crime Center collects incident information as it's happening and monitors more than 500 cameras around the city that are placed in known hot spots. By improving the flow of information and getting it quickly into officers' hands via PDAs (personal digital assistants), the Real Time Crime Center enables the MPD to deter more crime, respond faster to crimes that happen, and increase the speed with which they apprehend suspects.

The city also participates in the implementation of Operation: Safe Community, a roadmap of twenty-six research-based strategies to make Memphis and Shelby County safer. Those strategies support reductions in six key areas: domestic violence, gang and drug crime, blight, youth violence, and adult repeat offenders.

Memphians have a continuing role in helping to reduce crime through the city's Neighborhood Watch Program. This program has shown that citizens help in the reduction of local crime by being vigilant and partnering with local law enforcement to address the crime related issues and economic challenges within their community. As a complement to Neighborhood Watch, the Memphis Police Department operates the Community Outreach Program (COP) that puts a concentration of police officers in neighborhoods where crime is high in order to keep the peace and build trust between residents and police.

More information

To create a Neighborhood Watch group, call your local Memphis Police Department precinct and speak with the Neighborhood Watch coordinator. The coordinator will take down your information and let you know what needs to be done to organize the neighborhood watch.